Request for tracks for prometheus-ceph-exporter


The prometheus-ceph-exporter snap follows which has tags for a version 2 and a version 3. These relate to different versions of Ceph and are, unfortunately, incompatible.

I’d like to arrange to have two tracks, 2 and 3, for this snap to mirror the code it’s packaging.

+1 from me on the track creation but I wonder if you could ship both versions in a single snap and let the user configure which ceph version to talk to, which would then choose the appropriate “payload” within the snap. Then the user doesn’t need to choose a track :slight_smile:

Regardless, we need a 7-day waiting period for other reviewers to chime in on this request, I still think tracks are adequate for this use case.

  • Daniel

@reviewers I could use some eyes on this request, please :slight_smile: thanks.

  • Daniel

+1 to 2 and 3 tracks from me.