Request for tracks: cmake


CMake follows releases numbered like 3.14.5 where 3.14 would be a feature release and 3.14.5 would be a patch release. The latest official release is 3.14.5 and the 3.15 series is currently in release candidate stage. I’d like to request tracks be created with the following names:


CMake also has a nightly build and it would be good to have a separate track for those too. Could the following track also please be approved to capture that:


I will eventually look into creating another track for master builds, but for now, the above three tracks should be enough for me to get the important releases and builds covered.


:+1: from me.


Actually, don’t worry about creating the “nightly” track. I may not be able to easily implement what I had intended for that one, so let’s defer it. The 3.14 and 3.15 tracks are definitely needed though.



I spoke to @crascit in person to clarify the usual questions when tracks like this are requested:

  • Cmake has 3 releases per year so the release cadence is great for use of tracks.
  • Though Cmake strives for backwards compatibility, users can and do choose to use an older release for stability reasons, which is a valid use case for tracks.

I have created the above tracks, since we were able to fast-track the process of discussing this with the developers, we have at least 4 snap reviewers here at the Snapcraft Summit, and the CMake use case is a good match for use of tracks.


  • Daniel