Request for track "22" for upower

Required actions:

  • Create track “22” on snap upower
  • Delete track “latest” on snap upower


fwupd depends on upower for some devices. Recently, upstream fwupd has started the move to a confined snap. That means we can use it on Ubuntu Core. Unfortunately, upower is provided by most distros. But it is not provided by Ubuntu Core. For that reason we need upower as a snap.

Because upower is a snap targeting mainly Ubuntu Core, we need the same branching policies as other system snaps (network-manager, modem-manager, bluez…). Which means we want a track for every LTS, named 20, 22, etc.

  • It is for hardware support, which means it may need to match the kernel. Newer version of upower might need newer kernels.
  • IoT might have smaller disk space, so not needing multiple version of core installed is a good thing.

We will not provide at this moment support for Ubuntu Core 20 or earlier. So we only need branch “22” at this moment. We will need 24 soon for testing purpose, but we will request it in time. You can also close latest as it should not be used and might be confusing.

Thank you!

I have created the 22 track for upower. +1 as reviewer and I expedited this as it matches the pattern used for other similar snaps as you mentioned.

latest cannot be deleted. You can close it: snapcraft close latest/{beta,edge,stable,candidate}. If latest is closed, a simple snap install upower will probably fail; what you can do is designate 22 as the default track for the above case. The documentation on setting default tracks is (confusingly) in using branches (a branch is not a track) :slight_smile: but the documentation itself is accurate.

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