Request for system-files for tube-converter

I maintained a snap named tube-converter. There is a huge update in that app. The application now shows a greeting on the start screen that changes depending on the time of day (code, screenshot), which requires knowing the current time.

This needs to read the /usr/share/zoneinfo-icu/44/le/timezoneTypes.res

I got this suggestion from the snappy-debug

Kindly allow this, as this makes the app more presentable and appearing to the users.

system-files always requires you to provide your declaration with the forum request, can you:

  • upload the snap to the store with the proper declaration
  • provide a snippet here with proper naming of the interface to show the declaration, so the reviewers can see what exactly your system-files interface has set.

you should always do the above in advance, else the request can not proceed (but i think you have been told that before in other requests)

Well, there is actually an issue, when I try to publish snap by connecting my github repo. And this is the snapcraft.yaml file

The error file

Kindly check that also, everytime I am getting this.

cd /root/parts/tube-converter/build/NickvisionTubeConverter.GNOME
:: /bin/bash: line 58: cd: /root/parts/tube-converter/build/NickvisionTubeConverter.GNOME: No such file or directory

And this is the first-time I am making a store-request. Didn’t know the process well.

@ogra kindly check this out. I guess this is an issue with remote-building. Please check this out.

Check in a local build how the actual directory structure is in the dir you cd to, then add code to your override (ls and/or find whose output will end up in the log) to compare it to the remote build…

It shows this:

Executing action
:: + craftctl default
:: + cd /root/parts/
:: /bin/bash: line 58: cd: /root/parts/: No such file or directory
'override-prime' in part 'tube-converter' failed with code 1.

Is this even possible? That the ~/parts also doesn’t exist. There is surely some issue with the remote builder.

What happens with your local build at the same point?

And can you check with a shell inside the build env if the dir exists at that point of the build process?

The local build is perfectly fine and snap produced by that process is in completely working condition. But the snapcraft remote-build also doesn’t works. But point to be noted that the github workflow also runs perfectly fine.

Check this out for instance.

Okay, so the snap here doesn’t need to access the system-files, but it’s not building remotely. I am uploading the snap manually. Kindly fix that issue.

Did you file an issue (on GH) or a launchpad bug yet ? Else nobody of the snapcraft team will know about it…

(I have never used remote-build myself so i can not judge, my snaps all just use<snap name>/build after having been successfully built locally)

I am also using the same method, but it’s not building there. That’s what I’m saying.

You only talked about snapcraft remote-build above, which is a snapcraft command…

Both have the exact same issue.

Anyway, make sure to file a bug/issue …

@soumyaDghosh system-files should not be required for access to such timezone files - these are generally provided by the base abstraction in AppArmor - I notice that zoneinfo-icu is missing from the base abstraction so I have filed a MR with the upstream AppArmor project to get this added. - if this does get merged then we can look at adding something similar to snapd so this is granted for all snaps.

@soumyaDghosh I see @alexmurray merge request has been merged so I am removing this request from our review queue. If you have any further question, feel free to write here again and we will be happy to help.

Sure… thanks a lot, we don’t need it. BTW, in such cases where don’t need a request anymore which once was necessary, should I delete the thread?