Request for system-files connection for icdiff


In using my icdiff I recently came across an issue where, if any git addon has created an /etc/gitconfig, I can no longer git icdiff using the snap. To reproduce this, apt install git-lfs.

To fix this I need to let the icdiff read /etc/gitconfig; something like

    interface: system-files
      - /etc/gitconfig


Note this snap already has

    interface: personal-files
      - $HOME/.gitconfig         # the old location
      - $HOME/.config/git/config # the new location (people could change it via XDG_CONFIG_HOME and that isn't supported by snapd yet)

I assume this request is for both use-of and auto-connect of system-files? +1 from me in that case as this is the equivalent system-wide functionality as was previously granted for the per-user config case. One thing - can you please change the name of the plug to etc-gitconfig as by convention we usually use hyphens to separate path elements? Thanks.

yes, use and auto-connection, sorry for not being clear.

And yes, etc-gitconfig it fine, thank you.

+1 from me as well for auto-connect system-files with read access to /etc/gitconfig since as stated by @alexmurray this was already granted for the per-user config scenario. +2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of system-files with read access to /etc/gitconfig using the interface reference etc-gitconfig to icdiff. This is now live.

@chipaca I don’t see the snap updated yet with this change. I have granted the declaration anyways. Let me know if you experience any issue after doing so.

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