Request for Sublime Merge Alias smerge

Many users of the Snapcrafters’ Sublime Merge snap will be familiar with the smerge command. smerge is the standard name for the command-line tool as documented in the official documentation for Sublime Merge here. The various distribution packages already install this alias by default.

Since smerge is the official name for the command-line tool, it makes sense to add the alias for Sublime Merge. Adding the alias manually makes the snap inconvenient, especially when I am so used to using the smerge command out-of-the-box.

There is an open issue for this on the snap project for Sublime Merge, though I can’t link to it since I can only include two links.

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Great idea! If approved, I’ll merge that and rebuild with the alias. Thanks so much for caring enough to post.

The least I can do, thanks for the snaps!

+1 from me to grant the smerge alias to the sublime-merge snap. It seems reasonable for users to expect to invoke it via smerge.

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@reviewers Request for extension. At least one more vote in favor is required. Thanks!

+1, seems sensible and doesn’t clash with anything in the archive.

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+2 votes for, 0 votes against, @popey can you please update the snap to declare this command and I’ll issue the auto-alias on the store side?

@alexmurray Done! Thank you.

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Thanks @popey, this is now live.