Request for Subiquity - disable expiration of some branches

Hi there.

I have created a set of branches for Subiquity of latest/stable/ubuntu-18.04.x. I would like them, seven in total, to have their expiration disabled.

  • latest/stable/ubuntu-18.04
  • latest/stable/ubuntu-18.04.[1-6]

The oldest of them is currently set to expire in 25 days.



@roadmr would you be able to help with this request?

Sure thing, I’ll poke you once it’s done. (By my count we still have at least 10 days but it won’t take that long :))

  • Daniel

@roadmr - thanks for taking a look. I think maybe you were starting to ask me something, is there more info needed?

Sorry I took so long to do this. I’ve updated all the expirations for those branches to a date far into the future (and I mean far - we won’t be around to see them expire).

Do note that if you release any new revisions to these branches, the expiration date will re-reset to then+30 days.

  • Daniel