Request for Star Developer status: soumyadghosh

Hi, I am Soumyadeep Ghosh. I have been maintaining 50+ snaps, 2 content snaps(currently under Snapcrafters) for almost a year now. Most of them are related to desktop, gtk, libadwaita etc. Some of those include pdfarranger, video-trimmer, rnote, dialect. I am also active in the forum helping others in various problems.

I am also a member of @Snapcrafters team and have advocated snaps to many upstreams like Graphs, Tube Converter, Denaro, Cavalier, Mousam, Ascii Draw, Blueprint Compiler, Done, Dosage, Planify, tldr etc.

Thanks for reviewing my application :pray:


Hi ! @soumyaDghosh .

I really appreciate your philanthropy and your contribution to the IT world.

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