Request for release tracks for snap-store

I’d like to request tracks for snap-store: stable/ubuntu-20.04 and stable/ubuntu-20.10

These are the tracks used to seed snap-store on Ubuntu. We can’t promote those versions to stable as that would bring “Ubuntu Software” branding to older releases which would clash with the deb.


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+1 to both tracks, thanks Ken!

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Can you please clarify whether you want the tracks to be named ubuntu-20.04 and ubuntu-20.10 or actually e.g. stable/ubuntu-20.04? (spoiler, the latter can’t be done due to the slash character which is a channel component separator).

If the former, which is possible, just wanted to double-check this will meet your expectations; tracks exist above risks (i.e. the channel structure is track/risk/branch); stable is a risk, so your stable/ubuntu.20-04 specification actually matches risk/branch (with an implicit track of latest), and you can create branches yourself; but historically we don’t use branches for Ubuntu seeding.

(definitely don’t want to fumble this since anything we use in seeds / image builds tends to be critical and needs to be supported for a long time).

  • Daniel

Oh, indeed I used the wrong terminology. I guess what I need is a branch that doesn’t expire. I have been creating these for seeding and they have an expiration:

             stable/ubuntu-20.10  3.36.0-80-g208fd61      467         -           2020-07-23T14:36:23Z
             stable/ubuntu-20.04  3.36.0-80-g208fd61      467         -           2020-07-21T11:37:31Z

We usually open these and immediately close them so it just falls back to latest/stable while still tracking the desired branch.

What do I need to keep these open without expirations?

This unfortunately doesn’t exist.

You can keep releasing the same revision to the branch every <30 days, that’ll reset the expiration counter.

  • Daniel