Request for read/write permission for personal-files interface

Topic: Request Read/Write Permission App URL:

I am a personal developer and mBoard is my side project that have been deployed on Apple AppStore, Microsoft App Store.

mBoard app has the features for import and export the workspace into local drive. However, I need the read/write permission for enable this features. The permission is only targeted on the “Downloads” folder. I hope the app can be approved for this request.

Hi, thanks for the forum topic. I’ve seen the rejected revision with your snapcraft.yaml and it looks like you can just plug home as this will give you access to $HOME/Downloads rather than using personal-files.

It looks like you already have home plugged in your snapcraft.yaml. Was the home interface not working previously?

I am new for snapcraft. The home interface is not working on my local installation (–dangerous). Since the home plugged, i will remove the “$HOME/Downloads” configuration on my snapcraft.yaml

I will resubmit a new release again.

Thanks for your help.

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Are you by chance testing on an Ubuntu Core device? home is not automatically connected on Ubuntu Core, so if that is what you’re doing try manually connecting the interface with snap connect mboard:home. You can check the connections with snap connections mboard and make sure home is connected.

mBoard app is a Flutter app and I fixed issue by adding the configuration on the snapcraft.yaml because I am using Flutter file_picker library.

Thanks for help.

Screenshot at Oct 18 11-35-13

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