Request for plug auto connection on et-gw

Can I get below plugs autoconnected for et-gw snap.

  • hardware-observe (to get serial-number, model etc)
  • firewall-control (to limit data on cellular backhaul. and assertions will be allowed)
  • ppp (for ssh from the app)
  • network-control (to set network information like ip,subnet, route or dhcp)
  • network-observe (to get network information)

It’d be nice to have some more details about the snap. I can’t find it in the store with info or find.

Its private and still under development. I haven’t released under stable channel yet.

I’m trying to put all the pieces together and test it before I can go to production and public.

This is for Dell 3001 device which act as gateway for ENTOUCH( devices like (thermostat, light control, remote-sensors, energy monitor, bacnet devices etc…).
This unit will have all the SNAPs that Dell needs for the gateway hardware along with two ENTOUCH snaps.

node-et-server snap:
This snap will handle HTTP/HTTPS traffic of ENTOUCH devices and forward it to et-gw snap. It has a plug that is connected to et-gw slot. This is node application

This snap will handle data for all the ENTOUCH supported devices and forward its traffic to ENTOUCH server via cellular/WAN interface.

  • This snap also requires ssh connection to ENTOUCH server for debugging/troubleshooting. (requires ppp plug)
  • Each Dell3001 are uniquely identified by hardware serial number (requires hardware-observe plug to read data)
  • To limit the cellular data usage, we need to add some firewall block that can only allow comms to snap-store and ENTOUCH servers. (requires firewall-control plug)
  • I’m not sure if network-control and network-observe are required due to firewall-control plug?

Okay, the automatic connections sound reasonable for this context.

Assuming the following changes happen, my vote is +1:

  • These snaps should be named entouch-gateway and entouch-server or entouch-node-server, so that it’s slightly more clear that this is what is being installed.
  • These snaps should be properly documented (summary, description pointing to the website, etc) so that it’s clear for someone installing them which kind of resources are at stake when they are installed.

Also we plan to have ENTOUCH branded snap store which will have all required snaps to function Dell3001, I am thinking of make the changes to SNAP name once we go public/branded. Is that ok?

If we do create our brand store, do I have to again go through this forum to get plugs and slots auto-connected for entouch-gateway and entouch-node-server?

It’s definitely okay to change the snap name at the best opportunity for you, but my vote for enabling the auto-connections is conditional on the snap names being more clear. I recommend not enabling them meanwhile.

Note that you can continue to develop and experiment with the snap even without the connections being automatically established, by just connecting them manually.