Request for new plugs for some gnome dbuses

Gnome specific apps often use the org.gnome.SessionManager to logout, exit the current session etc. And there is a big and import dbus plug missing, the org.gnome.Shell.Extensions both of these needs some immediate attention. I was also giving it a try, but I don’t know much about apparmor. If anyone can kindly help me. We’ll also get this app working, which once tried to snap but failed because it just doesn’t work!!!

There have been plenty prior discussions around gnome extensions in snaps and given the awful implementation that allows hacking/patching running upstream GNOME shell code on the fly and the involved massive security threat this introduces the access to extensions has always been explicitly disabled… i doubt this has changed in recent times…

Why not make it like the password-manager-service plug. Let it exist but not allow to auto connect?