Request for more snap categories or keywords

Hello I apologise if this has been dealt with already, but I couldn’t find it with a quick search.

I would like to request more categories/refinement for snap grouping on the snap store. I find the ‘education’ and ‘science’ category in particular to be dumping ground for a diverse set of snaps. Understandably, you would not want hundreds of categories with only 1-5 snaps each but I think many snaps will be tricky to ‘stumble across’ if we rely on dumping grounds like ‘science’. Could you offer a way to have keywords or search terms added to the yaml and then use those to define categories? That way if you have hundreds of snaps with a ‘computation’ tag/keyword/search term, you can add that as a category without us needing to re-categorise our snaps.

My specific case: I have research-grade snaps published. They should go under science and education. Unfortunately they are not GUI apps, they don’t have icons and so they end up at ‘the back of’ the category. You need to scroll through all the pages in the category to find them. Doing a search for ‘genomics’ only finds some of these as I have not specifically written ‘genomics’ in the description of the others. Searching ‘bioinformatics’ finds none of them. If we could have keywords we can ensure that someone searching for them can find them.