Request for more control over auto updates

I HATE auto updates, living in a part of the world with slow internet. When I am on my pc I want to do what I want to do, not wondering whether it has been infected or what is wrong with it. At the very least there should be a notification that it is being updated.

I am aware of the means of controlling the date/time of Snap updates but that is not satisfactory, because it means projecting when the pc will be free or leaving it on for extensive periods of time, merely waiting for a possible update.

One of the great things moving from Windows to Ubuntu 6 was the control over updates. At that stage it was not possible to change it in Windows.

If you really need to disable that, then a couple of things come to mind:

Put something like this in a daily cron, just make sure your schedule doesn’t leave a gap:

snap set system refresh.hold="$(date --date=tomorrow +%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%:z)"

Perhaps just set a proxy that doesn’t exist:

snap set system proxy.http="http://nothing:8888"
snap set system proxy.https="http://nothing:8888"

…although that is untested.

Not stuff I advise, just some ideas.


Hi Jocado,

Thank you very much.

I’ll play around with your ideas when I have some more time. It is not
that serious.

I appreciate all the thankless work that goes into much of the
Linux/Ubuntu development work and do not really want to complain, but
I remember when one of the Ubuntu plugs was the control one has over
the pc… just saying.