Request for jimmctl personal-files autoconnect


The JAAS backend CLI tool (jimmctl) requires the personal-files interface to access .local/share/juju.

Would it be OK to grant the snap this privilege?

Thanks, Alex

Jimmctl is the client for JIMM and its functionality justifies having read from/write to access to juju’s configurations of the user. +1 from me

Hi, has this been applied?

+1 for jimmctl having read access to .local/share/juju and auto-connection. It is expected for a JAAS tool to access this file.

+2 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connect of dot-local-share-juju to jimmctl. This is now live.

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Hi @dclane

Sorry for the bump on this old thread. When uploading the jimmctl snap the store is rejecting it during automated review. The error is here,

human review required due to 'allow-installation' constraint (interface attributes) declaration-snap-v2_plugs_installation (dot-local-share-juju, personal-files)

It’s a bit confusing as the permission for dot-local-share-juju was granted but that’s what the error seems to be reporting as the problem. Do you have any insight?

Yup, this is an easy one :slight_smile:

The problem is that your interface is also specifying read access to .local/share/juju/cookies, which isn’t explicitly in the declaration I granted. Fortunately, it’s unnecessary though.

We granted .local/share/juju, which will extends to include the cookies sub-directory anyway, so you can just remove the following line from your snapcraft.yaml and it should pass review and still function correctly.

    - $HOME/.local/share/juju/cookies
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Awesome, thank you very much!