Request for interface auto-connection for appspace-app, appspace-app-qa, and appspace-app-dev

Our App is meant for digital signage, runs 24/7, single-application, and we want to provide easy access for the customer/user to use our App through Snap store.

Here are several functionalities of our App:

  • Our App needs to be able to do a daily reboot of the device.
  • Our App needs to view the device information:
    • CPU information
    • Hardware information
    • Storage information
    • Network interface information
    • OS information
    • Memory information
  • It needs to fork a child process and to kill it: This is to invoke a web socket server used for external communications to our App if the user enables it.

Because of that, we need to request auto-connect for these interfaces for our App:

  • Hardware-observe
  • Network-observe
  • System-observe
  • Shutdown
  • Mount-observe
  • Physical-memory-observe
  • Process-control

All these interfaces are mandatory to auto-connect for our App, and our customer users don’t have adequate technical knowledge to use CLI at all. Or at least the connection permission should come out as approval to the user during installation (all-or-nothing approach, and if the user rejects any of them, then the App should not be installed at all).

This request applies to the snaps:

  • appspace-app
  • appspace-app-qa
  • appspace-app-dev

moved it to the correct category (store-requests) … the “snap-requests” category is for asking that someone creates a snap of some upstream sowftware …

Hi All,
Any update on this request?

Appreciate for your response. Thank you.