Request for docker interface

Hello, in the Canonical web team we maintain a snap to run all our projects:

We recently updated the snap to make usage of the docker interfaces in order to run projects that will require docker. This will be a big improvement for us.

The response to the in-app request:

We would need the docker interface to run docker_compose pull and docker_compose up from the snap. Please, could the docker interface be approved for the dotrun snap so that it’s features can be used within the snap ecosystem?

dotrun repo:
Rejected review:

Kind regards,

+1 to allow use of but -1 for autoconnect (at this time) of the docker interface. This snap is from a previously vetted publisher and has a clear use for the docker interface.

+1 from me for use (but not auto-connect) of docker since its required to access the docker socket.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting use of docker to dotrun. This is now live.