Request for classic confinement: zellij

Zellij is a terminal multiplexer similar in functionality to tmux and it falls int the category “terminal emulators, multiplexers and shells. Is it possible to add allow classic confinement?

Thanks for creating this request - can you please provide more details on zellij? What is the official upstream home page / project? What is your involvement in the upstream project etc?

Hello Alex,

Sorry for not replying earlier, since my request was rejected i tough that was it and didn’t log into snapcraft to dig any further.

Zellij is a terminal multiplexer, an alternative to tmux but developed in rust that aims to be easier to configure. Zellij is distributed under the MIT licence, so it is opensource.

I’m not directly involved with the project, but i contacted the zellij team on their discord channel and asked them if they where going to provide a snap package and this is what the original developer answered.

“We do not maintain outside packages other than the official one on, so if you’d like to do it yourself then by all means”.

Up to this date there is no way to install zellij with apt or snap. So i though it would be a good idea to package it my self.

As a terminal multiplexer, the requirements for classic confinement for zellij are understood. @advocacy could you please perform publisher vetting?

@dominz88 can you ask the maintainers to chip in here, provide an official page link, or point to the discussion you had (if it’s publicly accessible)?

Hello @Igor

The official website is

The conversation (here) is public, but you need a discord account. I can provide a screenshot if required.

Here is a list of the third party packages available, no apt, snap or deb available for ubuntu.

Can you dm me the screenshot please?


I dm you the screenshots, did you received them ? Do you need further information ?

Best regards

Hello, I did receive them, didn’t get a chance to action them yet :slight_smile:

Hello, Just a friendly reminder to follow up on this request. Maybe this ticket inadvertently slipped through the cracks.

If you require more time to respond, I completely understand. I know people here are volunteers that work in their spare time.

@dominz88 hey thanks for the reminder. @Igor could you check the information provided?


Apologies, I thought I had replied! Yes, I’ve confirmed the publisher, +1 from me.

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Thank you, for your time. Are there any other steps before I’m allowed to relase the app ?

Since technical requirements are understood and publisher vetting has been completed, I have granted classic confinement to zellij. This is now live.

Thanks to every one for the time invested in my request

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