Request for classic confinement, whatsdesk

I’d like to request classic confinement for whatsdesk snap which is built from

this is for create settings and read plugins created in the home user

Can you explain more why you cannot run under strict confinement?

A few observations and thoughts:

  • The home plug will allow files sent over whatsapp to be saved to the user’s home folder.
  • I would suspect that the plugins you mention could be installed into the snap’s writeable locations.
  • Settings for an electron app can be saved to the snap’s writeable locations.

The installation of the app is by snap and by .deb the idea is to maintain the same functionality and a compatibility between the 2 installations, for this reason I need to read and write the home folder of the user, and the strict mode does not allow me to do this

To re-iterate what @lucyllewy said, what about the home plug?

Bear in mind inside your application when you use file dialogs, it may default you to somewhere inside the snap view of the world, typically in $USER/snap/(snapname)/current. However you can still browse to the ‘real’ home directory of the user with the home plug specified.

This is the error that I have, if I am missing some configuration I would appreciate it if they could help me

Aha! The home plug explicitly denies access to “dot folders” to prevent it accessing files such as your ssh or gpg keys.

The application can store data in $SNAP_USER_DATA or $SNAP_USER_COMMON, which will point at places like /home/(user)/snap/(snapname)/current and /home/(user)/snap/(snapname)/common respectively.

You can, in the snapcraft.yaml coerce the application to see $HOME as one of those with an environment line such as:-

    command: bin/whatsdesk  # or whatever it should be

Which may help.

Thank you so much i really appreciate your help

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Based on the comments in this forum, I’m marking the topic as solved without granting classic. If this is in error, please comment here. Thanks!

Is it why the snap doesn’t work at all on ubuntu 18.10 ???
I run it and it does absolutely nothing…