Request for classic confinement: Tegh


I’m trying to publish Tegh Beta. Tegh is a new 3D printer networking software for USB Serial 3D Printers which we aim to launch with the Snap Store.

A design goal of Tegh is ease of setup for the user and so a straightforward installation is integral to that vision.

Tegh needs classic confinement so that the user can list and choose the serial device of their 3D printer from a drop down list in the web UI. To do that we need access to a list of all USB serial devices.

The relevant source for listing USB serial ports and watching for changes to that list can be found here:

Tegh also requires classic confinement to enable control of the Raspberry Pi GPIOs. Raspberry Pi GPIOs allows users to configure and control non-realtime 3D printer accessories such as lights, fans or motors without having to modify their 3D printer firmware.

The relevant source for configuring and controlling the Raspberry Pi GPIO can be found here:


@jdstrand re: your review feedback I’ve outlined why I’ve requested classic confinement here.


Have you tried the hardware-observe, gpio, and gpio-memory-control interfaces?


@d1plo1d - I’d like to hear the answer to this to better understand why classic is required.