Request for classic confinement: software-inventory-exporter

As part of the BootStack DevOps team, I would like to officially request approval for classic confinement for the snap package called software-inventory-exporter .

The BootStack team will have a centralized report for all customers clouds and for that, we need to fetch information about all debian packages and snaps installed on machines, so we can detect security issues on packages versions and to be sure that the same version of packages are installed thru the cloud. In order to do that, we need the classic confinement to retrieve those information from the “host” machine.

Thank you in advance.

I think there have been similar requests in the past - e.g. Manual review of cvescan - so I wonder if this can be achieved via some judicious use of system-files?

Thanks. I’ve created a new request to auto-connect the system-files and snapd-control interfaces for the snap be strict confinement.