Request for classic confinement: rstudio


request for classic confinement for rstudio snap.

Technical Reasons:

  • RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R .
  • It needs to interact with the R language runtime and library on host machine.

Snap Details:

Thank you!

Out of interest, would it be possible for the rstudio snap to ship the R runtime itself? Then it perhaps would not need classic confinement?

It’s possible. But R users use third party package a lot to solve their problem, like python pip. If ship the R runtime inside snap, it will limit the usability.

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Hey @aoyama

Granting classic rstudio snap looks fine. However, grating classic and super-privileged interfaces requires of publisher vetting, what for now is mainly intended to verify that the snap publisher is part of the upstream project. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it does not seems that you are part of rstudio upstream project. Is that right?


Yeah, i am not a member of upstream rstudio project.

In that case, i think the options are either to bring someone from the upstream on the boat or trying to make the snap to work in strict mode without super-priveleged interfaces. Perhaps we can still support most functionality in this way.

I dont know if it’s possible that ship whole R language runtime inside a snap in strict mode. Can you give me some suggestions or examples ?

Hi there :wave:

I have looked at snapping the R programming language in the past. IIRC it doesn’t work so well as you need to modify the language itself to work in strict confinement. You need to patch certain parts of the language’s source. Individuals have attempted to snap the language in the past, but I don’t think efforts have been as fruitful.

@jslarraz would you be okay with releasing rstudio with classic confinement if Ubuntu HPC was involved? We already have a few classic snaps in our portfolio, and will likely have more in the future. We could possibly transfer the rstudio snap repository to our organisation on GitHub and then publish from there? I’m already a vetted publisher. We can also work to engage upstream (Posit) like we did with the Spack snap. @aoyama let me know if you’re open to the idea :smiley:

RStudio is extremely popular in data science and HPC ecosystems, so I’d be happy to help drive this to the finish line!

Sounds good, i am fine with this.

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Hey @nuccitheboss

Thanks for the offering, I’m always happy to see new interesting snaps in the store :slight_smile:

Let me double check if that will fit the policy and I’ll came back to you here in 2/3 days

Hey @aoyama @nuccitheboss

I can confirm that it should be fine to grant classic to rstudio if Ubuntu HPC is involved, so that the snap repository is transferred to UbuntuHPC github and the snap is published by ubuntuhpcbot account as for your other snaps :slight_smile:

That will be great !

Do i need to do anything ?

Hey @aoyama @nuccitheboss , any updates regarding the progress of the Ubuntu HPC being involved in rstudio? Thanks

No reply since last comments, i am waitting for the ubuntu HPC team take over the rstudio repo and the name in snap store.

Hi there @aoyama :wave:

Apologies for the delay. Yes, let’s initiate the process for Ubuntu HPC to take over the snap package. Here’s what I’ll need you to do:

  1. Invite to be a collaborator on the snap.
  2. Open a store request to transfer the rstudio name to Ubuntu HPC.
  3. On GitHub, initiate a transfer request for the rstudio snap repository to the Charmed HPC organisation on GitHub

If you’re unable to open transfer request for the repository, let me know. I can work some magic to change the upstream for the git repository. Eventually we’ll want to add some extra features such as release automation and more supported architectures. In the meantime, I’ll work some connections to see if I can get anyone from Posit involved as well.

Let me know if you have questions :smiley:

Hi again @aoyama -

I’ve accepted the invite for administrative access to the RStudio snap :smiley:


I’ve created the transfer request.

But github repo transfer had some permission problem, maybe need your help.


What issues did you have with the transfer request? If it’s not allowing you due to permissions issues, I can just clone your repository and change the upstream if that’s alright with you?

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Yes, permissions issue.

I’m fine with that. Please go ahead.