Request for classic confinement: rg

I maintain one of the snaps for ripgrep - a text search tool built in rust. The snap is named rg. It was originally built with strict confinement, but that makes it impossible to use it for searching logs in /var/log or files in /tmp, etc. At this point I think classic confinement would make the tool much more useful.

Thank you,
Domas Monkus

Seems perfectly reasonable that a tool of this nature should use classic confinement. +1

Note that the process for classic doesn’t technically need a vote (though, yes, some need more discussion than others). The requirements are understood here (indeed, a competing snap, ‘ripgrep’, already has classic).

@Wimpress, can you or someone from the snapd team do the vetting, etc for this request?

Is there something/anything I can do to get this moving?

Why do we have and ?

Good point.
The rg snap will be retired in favour of the ripgrep one maintained by Chris.