Request for classic confinement: Pyenv


I am packaging pyenv which is python version management tool. It allows to install and use multiple versions of python for different projects.

When Downloading a python version using pyenv, it actually download the source and compiles it for target machine. Classic confinement is needed to allow pyenv install the python version for target machine. I tried the strict confinement, but pyenv in strict confinement wasn’t able to compile python version for target machine.

Here is the Store link for Pyenv - Install pyenv on Linux | Snap Store

You can read about pyenv at github - GitHub - pyenv/pyenv: Simple Python version management

Hey @shakeelansari63

Granting classic to Pyenv snap looks fine to me. However, grating classic and super-privileged interfaces requires of publisher vetting, what for now is mainly intended to verify that the snap publisher is part of the upstream project. Could you please confirm that you are part of the Pyenv upstream project?


@shakeelansari63 - ping, can you please provide the requested information?

Hello, Sorry missed the message. No, I am not part of upstream pyenv project.

@shakeelansari63 in that case, would you please have one of the upstream developers as the publisher of this snap? Another path forward would be for you to become a part of the upstream project. Thanks.