Request for classic confinement: powershell-preview

This is a snap package for our non-stable releases of PowerShell. You can see the RFC here:

The package will be based on the current powershell package at

Would it make sense to use a track instead of a separate snap name?

@evan, @Wimpress, @popey - can one of you take a look at this topic?

Does a track allow for both packages to be installed at the same time and for the snap to use a different command/alias?

Based on the docs, I don’t see what value a track would add.

@jdstrand I spoke to @TravisEz13 about tracks but the way their preview releases are created (name spaced) tracks aren’t the best fit.

I’m +1 for powershell-preview being granted classic confinement.

+1 from me too, we know the upstream developer, where the code comes from and the rationale for classic confinement.

Granted classic confinement. This is now live.