Request for classic confinement: osync

Hello everyone!

I’m the developer of osync [1]: an efficient ftp synchronization client.
This snap require classic confinement in order to access (r/w) the host filesystem, to read the data to be uploaded and to cache the upload index.

Thank in advance.


I’m not part of the reviewers, I’m a community member, but I’m guessing the first question they’ll ask you is whether you have tried the system-backup interface.

The combination of home, removable-media and system-backup should give you access to all files on a system.

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Hello @galgalesh, thanks for the tip!
I already have looked at these interfaces, but sadly they only support RO access.

In my case, osync need to write an index file (.osync) under the saved directory. This is not doable using these interfaces.

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Arbitrary file access in the manner described is not a justification for classic - generally, for most use-cases the home and removable-media interfaces should provide access to most of the users files - can you provide any specific examples which would not be covered by these?

Also, could osync instead store this .osync file in another location to avoid this problem or use some other means to store this state so that it does not need arbitrary write access to all parts of the system?

It seems this request is solved. We can see the snap published in strict mode in the store so we are removing this request from our review queue. Please, feel free to reopen this request if needed.