Classic confinement for PortX

Hi We, PortX Dev Team, would like to request classic confinement for PortX PortX is a cross-platform SSH & SFTP client. It makes SSH connection to the remote server. Additionally, PortX has a features such as LocalShell and LocalFiles which requires access permission outside of the sandbox in order to browse directories and execute commands from LocalShell.

Classic confinement is needed to allow users download remote files to local machine anywhere user wish to and upload any files to the remote server.

Unsandboxed PortX can be downloaded from

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, PortX Dev Team

Apologies for the delay in reviewing this request.

FTP clients are a bit of an edge-case in regards to classic confinement as we have granted classic confinement for some in the past (Classic confinement for sFTP Client) whilst others have been able to work under strict confinement (Request for classic confinement: osync).

In this case, since PortX has the LocalShell feature, this then fits within the terminal emulators category defined in Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps plus the requirement to access arbitrary local files would seem to indicate this fits within the requirements for classic confinement.

As such, the requirements for classic confinement are understood. @advocacy could you please perform publisher vetting?

@PortX can you please pm me the email of your tech/support/contact entity, as I am unable to derive that information from the official website? Thanks.

NetSarang, Inc. 4701 Patrick Henry Dr. BLDG 22 Suite 137 Santa Clara, CA 95054


If you need more information, please contact me with email ( Thanks in advance .


@PortX I pm-ed you with questions about some additional details.

Hey @PortX,

Any reason why PortX is not listed in the software family section of


+1 from me, I verified the publisher.

@emitorino I’ve went through this question with @Igor. I would prefer to discuss this in private message if you need your own verification.



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Hey @PortX no problem at all, @Igor has done the publisher vetting so I am granting the use of classic. This is now live. Could you please either request a manual review or upload a new revision so the changes take effect? Thanks!