Request for classic confinement: oras and oras-test

ORAS project provides a way to push and pull OCI Artifacts to and from OCI Registries. We have onboarded oras CLI v1.0.0 to Snapcraft so our Ubuntu users can easily install it. But to authenticate with OCI registries, oras CLI need to access below resources which are not in the snap sandbox:

  1. an external system-wide configuration file shared with docker and other container tools to store credentials.
  2. external helper tool binaries to save and load credentials securely.

Due to the above two use cases, oras CLI need to be installed in a classic way so both the configuration and external binaries installed on the Ubuntu host can be correctly found.

oras belongs to account( and oras-test belongs to account( We use oras to build and publish public snaps and oras-test to do PoC and validate our automated workflows.

Hello BillyZha,

Thanks for submitting this request. According to the process for reviewing classic snaps, we require that the request fit into one of the supported categories. Could you please identify if ORAS fits within any of those categories?

Have you considered if personal-files or system-files might be able to be used to satisfy this?

Would you be able to package those binaries into the snap using stage-packages?