Request for classic confinement of 'MineCloud'


MineCloud is a multi-plateform .NET Core based app that lets Minecraft players to save their solo worlds to the Cloud.
For the app to run successfully, the app needs to write settings in json in a user’s hidden folder and monitoring worlds in the Minecraft’s folder . Moreover, the app needs to detect if Minecraft is already installed on the host machine, that is achieved by looking for the “minecraft-launcher” executable on the machine.

I need so classic confinement to the app running without any problems.


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What settings are these, and why are $SNAP_USER_DATA or $SNAP_USER_COMMON insufficient for storing these settings?

Have you investigated using the personal-files interface with read-only access to the minecraft folder?

Why does your app need to do this? Why is blindly assuming that minecraft is installed not suitable?

@Xolider I agree with @lucyllewy’s comments above - classic confinement does not seem warranted for minecloud - can you please investigate these suggestions to instead use strict confinement?

@Xolider - ping, this cannot proceed without the requested information.

@Xolider I am removing this request from our queue but will re-add it if you can provide the requested information.