Request for classic confinement in cri-o snap


We would like to ship a cri-o snap that is classic. The reason for this is that cri-o is a container runtime that needs to integrate with components in the host system and spawn unconfined processes. We would appreciate if you could approve the review of it in

Thank you, Konstantinos

hi @kjackal

Thanks for putting the request up. We typically require classic requests to fit into one of the categories listed in the process for revewing classic confinement snaps. This might be something that an exception can be made for, but I also note that (with snapd support) LXD is able to operate as a strictly confined snap for instance, (and docker is also). A couple of quick ideas come to mind: would the docker-support or lxd-support interfaces help at all, and does snappy-debug make any interface suggestions?

Hi @dclane

LXD is not a good example of strict snap because as you see in [1] it essentially drops the confinement when it starts.

Strictly confining container runtimes imposes many challenges to the underlying workloads. For example there is no obvious way to predict all possible workloads the user will need to run and therefore there is no way to predict what interfaces should be used. This is our experience with the MicroK8s snap for which we had to ship two versions a classic and a strict one.

I appreciate your understanding.

Thanks, Konstantinos


@pedronis would you be able to comment here? I am inclined to think that cri-o is a candidate for classic, despite not fitting directly into an existing supported category.

Is there any update on this?

I spoke with @pedronis last week, he is expecting to learn more about the broader requirement this week.

@pedronis - do you have any further updates which you can share regarding the general request for container runtimes to be granted classic confinement, or some other way forward for the cri-o snap? Thanks.

@kjackal hey, apologize for the late response.

Is your team still willing to ship cri-o as a classic confined snap?


@kjackal - ping. I was wondering if you still need classic confinement for cri-o snap. Thanks.

@kjackal ping, this request cannot proceed without the requested information

Apologies for the late reply, to my knowledge we will not be shipping cri-o as a snap at this point.

thanks @kjackal for the information. In this case we’ll remove the request from our queue. Kindly reopen the forum ticket in future if needed