Request for classic confinement for lazydocker


Hello, I am a complete utter noob here but I would like to request for the classic confinement for my app lazydocker:

I am not sure what is required here so please let me know :slight_smile:


Please see Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps. Specifically, “the technical reasons for why the snap uses classic confinement are gathered in the forum post and captured for potential future snapd improvements”. What does your snap do and why specifically can it not function with strict confinement?


Hi jdstrand, my snap runs command line programs like ‘docker pull’ directly. I believe that is sufficient to require classic confinement


Have you tried to use strict confinement while using plugs: [ docker ]? This interface grants access to the docker socket. Be sure to connect the interface and you will need to ship your own docker command.