Request for classic confinement for imagecraft

Hello Store team,

I would like to request classic confinement for the imagecraft snap. Imagecraft is a craft tool used to create Ubuntu bootable images. It follows the same principles as snapcraft, but is focused on creating bootable images instead. As a building tool, it needs to write to a workdir (arbitrary location on the filesystem). Under the hood, it calls ubuntu-image, another image building tool also using classic confinement.

The reasons for requesting classic confinement are of the same nature of that of Snapcraft, Charmcraft, Rockcraft, etc.

The tool is currently published under my name but I already requested it to be transferred to “Canonical”.

The snap is the only distribution model for this tool that our early adopters/testers will use (and probably regular users too).

See the snap recipe for additional information if needed.

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imagecraft fits in the existing category for classic confinement of compilers etc, the requirements for classic confinment are understood. I have vetted the publisher. This is now live.

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