Request for 'classic' confinement for flowbot

Hello, flowbot is using motebus ( which is a message transport bus for peer-to-peer communication in node-red.
Part of its fundamental purpose is to have the other bot use system’s resources, such like using ‘exec node’ call python, scrot…and so on.

name: flowbot
version: 1.3.6
summary: the flowbot
description: the flowbot
#confinement: strict
confinement: classic
grade: stable

    daemon: simple
    command: bin/launch
      - network-bind
      - network
    plugin: nodejs
    node-engine: 10.16.3
      - node-red@1.0.6
      - node-red-contrib-objmms@1.4.1
      - node-red-contrib-comm@1.3.1
      - node-red-contrib-motechat@1.4.9
      - node-red-contrib-xstorage@1.4.1
    plugin: dump
    source: settings
        - .
    organize: : bin/launch
      - .
      all: [ . ]

Can you please provide more info on how flowbot uses these system binaries? Does the user configure what system binary to call etc? How does flowbot ensure these are present on the host system? Could flowbot ship these binaries itself?

(1) the following picture is an example of using flowbot. When you have designed a flow, you can use the Webapp to call this service.
(2) The user can call the software according to what he owns
(3) As (2) says, User can use their code(software) to provide a service, so flowbot is design by user, which means flowbot absolutely ensure these are present on the host system.
(4) I have tried to ship “scrot”, but it failed. And I think the service is various, we can’t ship all packages.


@ypcloud - AIUI, flowbot is a sort of orchestration tool and it seems that the orchestrating node could perhaps be strict, where it is receiving, sending and coordinating messages. Is that accurate?

What are typical workloads for the orchestrated nodes? You mentioned python, scrot, etc, but more precisely, what is run on these nodes? What privileges do they need to be run?

@pedronis, this appears to be a new use case, though it may resemble juju, which we allow classic.

  • is there a designer/compiler phase/tool distinguished from runtime phase/tool?
  • what is the target for this? iot devices? cloud services? both?

@ypcloud - ping, can you please provide the requested information?

@ypcloud - ping, this request cannot proceed without the requested information?

@ypcloud since we’ve not heard back from you, we are removing this request from our review queue. When you have more time to respond, simply do so here and we can add the request back to the queue. Thanks!