Request for classic confinement for Blueprint Compiler

Request for the classic confinement and publisher vetting for the snap blueprint-compiler and its upstream publisher respectively. Kindly do this asap. The transfer took almost a week. Please. :pray: :pray:

Adding the previous request for classic confinement for this snap for context here!

@soumyaDghosh I have added a comment to the existing thread

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Thanks for your comment. Hope things can be done sooner. For everyone eles’s information,

This snap blueprint-compiler is published from upstream, i.e jwestman, and will be served to the store from this repo

Thanks, Soumyadeep Ghosh, Collaborator

@jwestman, @soumyaDghosh,

This thread (and others) has been a bit convoluted, so I’ll lay it out here: @soumyaDghosh is asking @advocacy to vet @jwestman so that the blueprint compiler snap can be granted classic confinement (which has otherwise been approved here).

For your benefit @Igor, jwestman is the upstream developer, noting we haven’t heard from James yet.

I thought it will not be necessary. I have asked him to make his comment if he agrees with this or not. Also, to verify you can look into the github account, from which the snap will be published. Thanks.

It is necessary. The upstream developer needs to be involved in this process. Once we can vet James, we can then move on to the vetting process for this snap.

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Hello! I’m the upstream developer. What do I need to do for the vetting process?

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pinging @Igor for the next process

Hello James, can you dm me, I will need some info from you please.

I don’t think I can, when I go to my Messages tab I don’t see a New Message button.

@Igor any updates on this?

@jwestman I’ve contacted you for some additional details, thank you!

+1 from me, @jwestman has approved the publishing by the third-party dev @soumyaDghosh .

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For context, this is the repo

And I will be maintaining it

@Igor any news on when can we have it? We need it here now

If it will be done soon, we can use it as a snap

The Store team will make the changes based on the vetting. They are usually quite busy with requests, so it can take them a little while to action all of the forum posts.

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@Igor any updates? More upstreams are now shifting to the latest blueprint-compiler. Why are these requests stuck for so long. I mean, there is not even any estimation/update. And building blueprint compiler from source, for all of these snaps, it really takes a lot!

Just tagging in @alexmurray and @emitorino to see if this one got lost somehow. The original request for classic was approved here a while ago, and Igor has done vetting now so it should be good to go afaict.

Thanks for your patience @soumyaDghosh. As Igor says, the review team have many requests to get to amongst other work.

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Granting use of classic. This is now live.

Thank you for your patience. Plug/slot definitions will need to be removed from the snapcraft.yaml when using classic confinement.