Request for chromium-ffmpeg-extras

I started a similar topic before a week. I am just modifying it. I think, it is chromium-ffmpeg-EXTRAS, which when auto connected to opera snap will play netflix. Of course, I have clarified in my earlier post, chromium-ffmpeg-extras does not get symlinked to opera snap (whose folder is readonly). Other wise is post is unneeded :wink:

You’re confusing deb and snap packages here. chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra is a deb package that essentially contains the same codecs as the chromium-ffmpeg snap. There is no chromium-ffmpeg-extra snap.

And again, what is required for Opera and other third-party browser snaps to play Netflix is access to the widevine CDM library, which is not part of chromium-ffmpeg.

Sorry, my bad :frowning: I think, I understand now. If you don’t mind, can you clarify what will make opera snap to access widewinecdm library and where to request it? I just love opera snap. That’s I asked this question again. Anyways, I will not trouble you :wink: Thanks for your kind reply :pray:

As it stands I don’t know whether the Opera snap has some mechanism to see and use an external copy of the widevine CDM library. I pointed you to the Opera forums in the other thread, please ask the question there (and if you get a useful answer please share it here!).

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