Request for block-devices interface in microcloud


The microcloud snap is growing the ability to allocate local storage for use as part of the LXD cluster. This is done by first showing a list of unpartitionned drives to the user from which they must pick one drive per machine in the cluster.

As those drives may have pre-existing partition magics from prior use as a Ceph OSD or as a previous ZFS pool. We need the ability to wipe the magic out of the selected drive.

To do so, the microcloud snap requires the block-device interface so it can perform direct writes to the selected device.

This matches the logic which was implemented in microceph a few months ago and was approved here: Request for block-devices interface in microceph

+1 from me for use-and-auto-connect-of block devices for microcloud as this is standard functionality going forward. Note @reviewers this snap is already published by a vetted publisher (Canonical :wink:) so this can be granted as soon as it gets the two +1 votes.

We’re going to withdraw this particular request and instead move the disk wiping logic into LXD itself. That will let us reduce the amount of permissions required by MicroCloud and align things with MicroCeph.

Ok thanks for letting us know @stgraber, I’ll remove this request from our internal queue.