Request for block-devices access in android-platform-tools

android-platform-tools provides an all-in-one package of tools usually used in Android systems development, like adb, fastboot, etc. It’s built based on recent code directly from AOSP using a CMake build system: GitHub - fredldotme/android-tools: Unoffical CMake-based build system for android command line utilities

One of these is lpflash which provides a “Command-line tool for dumping Android Logical Partition images”. As such it requires access to the block-devices interface in order to be useful.

Hereby I request access for this interface for release of the Snap in the Snap Store.

+1 from me for auto-connect of block-devices interface to android-platform-tools as it makes sense for the functionality of the snap.

Please note that this is a super privileged interface, therefore it requires publisher vetting in case the voting results in favour of the request. Thanks.