Request for automatic `removable-media` connection for `pinta`

Hello world;

Could you please consider granting auto-connection to the removable media interface for pinta.

Pinta is a photo editor that a user may reasonably expect to be able to e.g attach an SD card from a camera, flash drive; etc, and be able to edit their files. As a media editor, I believe it would qualify as an exception as listed on the removable-media documentation

While Pinta does make use of the File Open portal, this doesn’t give a great experience when e.g accessing files via the file manager; e.g., this bug report where I’ve asked upstream on their opinion and they’re also in favour of autoconnection.

The app itself is over a decade old at this point and so I’d consider well known in Linux app space, and as far as security goes - being an image editor that only connects to the internet for the specific purpose of downloading plugins, I don’t believe the connection is risky vs the gains from the user experience improvement.

Thanks for your time & consideration


Hi James,

Thanks for the well put together request. I concur, a user of Pinta would reasonably expect to be able to browse from or save to USB media, and as you point out it is explicitly mentioned in the interface documentation that this is a potentially supported use case.

+1 from me to auto-connect removable-media for pinta.

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Could some other @reviewers please vote

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+1 from me too - as a photo editor pinta meets the criteria for auto-connect of removable-media.

However as per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks the publisher needs to be vetted - whilst @James-Carroll is already a starred developer (which meets the criteria of “an established committer to the upstream or the wider snap ecosystem”), the regular publisher vetting should also be performed.

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FWIW, as the upstream maintainer of Pinta I can vouch that James is trusted as the packager of this snap, and we advertise it as an official package on the Pinta website


Please let me know if there’s anything I need to do to progress this. With the publisher vetting I’m unsure if you’re vetting myself as uploader, Pinta as a project, or potentially Cameron as the upstream maintainer. I’m happy to proceed on whatever basis.

Since publisher vetting is required, @Igor / @advocacy, could you please perform the vetting? Thanks

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@Igor ping, can you please perform vetting?

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I am sorry I didn’t see a prompt for this, +1 from me, I verified the publisher.

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+2 votes for and publisher vetting complete. auto-connect of removable-media granted to pinta. This is now live.

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Thanks everyone!!! With extra exclamation marks to fit the twenty character limit!