Request for autoconnect 'removable-media' for rclone

Hello team,

rclone is a popular command-line backup tool, and users often need to upload or download their files from external devices, like USB storage device, or portable hard drives.

Hi @aoyama,

rclone doesn’t match the example uses in the interface documentation, in fact it could possibly be considered an exact example why the interface isn’t auto-connected by default (because of the risk of personal information being sent to the cloud).

However, the purpose of rclone is explicitly to backup to and from the cloud, and users of it are well aware of this; a fact which I think mitigates the default position of requiring manual connection for removable-media. Other reviewers might have different opinions.

+1 for auto-connecting removable-media.

I see this point very sensitive. Also because if this interface is connected, it will have unrestricted access to all data from any plugged media and thus I believe the user voice becomes critical.

@aoyama have you contacted upstream rclone regarding this topic? iiuc from here is that this is community-maintained package and not official upstream.

Yes, i am currently the rclone snap maintainer. See this

In that issue, the dev suggest me add removable-media plugs.

About community-maintained package, it’s because the support for Snap hasn’t been merged into the official documentation yet. Once this doc is live, I will remove it.

sorry forgot to mention. @emitorino

I favour granting auto-connect to a removable-media plug for snap rclone. It makes sense for this snap as it needs to access any mounted drives. +1 from me

Ah nice, thanks for the clarification!

+1 from me too - as someone who does frequent backups to a USB connected external drive I concur that this is an expected use-case for such a snap and should not be surprising to users.

+3 votes for, 0 against. As per the process regarding removable-media, publisher vetting is required first though. @igor could you please perform this, thank you!

@aoyama are you the upstream publisher of rclone?

@Igor Yes, see this rclone maintainers list

Hideo Aoyama @boukendesho snap packaging

+1 from me, publisher vetting complete.

Thanks @Igor. Granted auto-connect of removable-media to rclone. This is now live.