Request for auto-connections on Yuzu and Citra-emu

Hi I have two very similar snaps (yuzu and citra-emu), both are video game console emulators and require the following interfaces to be auto-connected for expected behaviour:

  • Pulseaudio (To allow games to output sound)
  • Joystick (Allows games to be played with a controller)


pulseaudio is deprecated - instead for sound output you should use audio-playback which is auto-connected by default so does not require an auto-connection request.

+1 from me for joystick for both yuzu and citra-emu as both are game emulators and this is an expected and core functionality for that type of snap.

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+1 from me for joystick for both snaps.

Thanks for providing votes on this request @alexmurray @msalvatore, any update on this request? Is there anything further required on my end? FYI I have updated both snaps to use the audio-playback interface instead of pulseaudio, so only joystick is required to be auto-connected. I have a similar request for dolphin-emulator that Iā€™d be interested to know the progress on: Request for auto-connection on Dolphin-emulator

+2 for, 0 against, 0 abstained for auto-connect of joystick for Yuzu and Citra-emu.

Granting auto-connect of joystick for Yuzu and Citra-emu

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