Request for auto-connections for dawn

Hi Snapcraft team!

I’m working towards getting Ghostery Dawn (Ghostery’s new privacy browser) setup in the Snapcraft store. Dawn is a lightweight privacy focused firefox fork and thus requires auto-connections for the following permissions: dbus-daemon, dbus, browser-sandbox & browser-support.
You can checkout our source code here:

I was hoping to start the process of getting our snap account and snap (snapname: dawn) verified for these permissions.

Please let me know what is required for us to get this process started!


Frank C.

Hey @fcjr-ghostery, thanks for your post.

You can find further information about our process for auto connections here. Please note that for some interfaces, there is no need to request approval, meanwhile for others you need to add a justification here detailing why you are requesting them.

For example, for dbus, if you read the interface doc, it is stated that:

Note that a snap declaration is needed for your snap to be delivered via the snap store and claim this well-known DBus name (simply upload the snap to the store and request a manual review and a reviewer will take a look).

Also, allow-sandbox:true as well as specifying daemon with browser-support is reserved for vetted publishers. These posts can be of help to understand whats needed if your snap legitimately requires these access: Problem with releasing kiosk app and Review request for ozone-display.

Let us know if you have further questions.


Hi @emitorino, thanks for the reply, as I mentioned earlier Dawn is a fully-featured web browser (a light-weight firefox fork) so it requires full sandbox & dbus support (as firefox has great sandboxing built in).

Essentially we require the same permissions as a standard firefox snap (see:, so I imagine our next step would be working with you to get vetted as a verified publisher?

Please let me know if you need any more details!


Hey @emitorino hope I didn’t miss any comments in your last message, would love to move forward if possible! Please let me know if any additional information is required for us to move forward with the verification process.



Hey @fcjr-ghostery, apologize for the delay.

On March 8th I granted the use of the well-known DBus name, com.ghostery.dawn, to this snap, so that should be fine.

@advocacy could you please proceed with publisher vetting since dawn is using the allow-sandbox attribute of the browser-support interface?

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ping @advocacy - could you please perform publisher vetting? Thanks.

I pinged the upstream a few days ago, waiting for their reply before I can give this green light.

Hey @Igor, just want to make sure you didn’t mean you were waiting a reply from me. Wasn’t 100% sure who you meant when you said ‘upstream’, haven’t received any notifications about this recently so hope I didn’t miss anything!

I emailed the company via the contact email on your homepage, so if you can check in your org who received the request, and if they can reply, I can then complete the vetting process.

+1 from me, I vetted the publisher.

Thanks @Igor, +1 from me too for ghostery-dawn to use browser-support with allow-sandbox: true - +2 votes for, 0 votes against, this is now live. @fcjr-ghostery can you please upload a new revision as all existing ones have been rejected for now but subsequent revisions should pass automated review now. Thanks.

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