Request for auto-connection of network-manager and firewall-control for surfshark VPN client


We’ve recently published a VPN client to Snap Store and would want to enable auto-connection to the following interfaces:

  • network-manager (responsible for the main app’s functionality – creating, activating and monitoring NetworkManager connections)
  • firewall-control (killswitch/leak prevention functionality is implemented via adding firewall rules)


these interfaces are inclined with the use of the snap surfshark VPN +1 for auto-connection of the interfaces network-manager and firewall-control to this snap.


the use of both interfaces looks reasonable for a VPN client. +1 for granting surfshark VPN auto-connection to network-manager and firewall-control interfaces

Glad to see another VPN client on the store working under confinement :slight_smile:

+1 to autoconnect network-manager and firewall-control.

+3 votes for, 0 against: Granting auto-connect of network-manager and firewall-control to surfshark. This is now live.