Request for auto connection of hardware-observe for indicator-sensors

indicator-sensors requires :hardware-observe to be able to see any sensors and hence be useful at all - so it would be great to have this auto-connected out-of-the-box otherwise it will appear to be non-functional for users as no sensors are detected.

Out-of-interest - is there any plans to have an API to request this dynamically when the application launches (like on Android) - so that the first time the app is launched and it has an interface which is not auto-connected, the user could be prompted if they want to connect it?

Note that gnome-software has a way to connect/disconnect interfaces and improvements are actively being worked on. As for contextual prompting, this is something that we had with Ubuntu Touch (which snapd evolved from), but the problem is that something needs to intercept the request and prompt for access before it is given. Normally this requires the service that the app is using to integrate into some authorization mechanism. Polkit is an authorization mechanism that many services use and it will be used on classic distro and could be extended to better support snaps. Traditional session services (eg, secret-service) and file access via open() (like what hardware-observe grants) have no authorization mechanism. Portals aims to provide this for applications that support it and snapd very nearly supports a wide range of portals. Additional work is underway for other types of prompting. Slotting snaps are free to provide additional authorization mechanisms based on their needs.

+1 to auto-connect hardware-observe. This snap is pretty much useless without it.

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Not enough votes to tally. @reviewers - can one/some/all of you vote?

+1 from me, I agree with jdstrand and the software is well-known with a clear purpose and scope.

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connection. This is now live.

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