Request for auto-connection of firefox:host-usr-share-hunspell plug of system-files interface


Per canonical/firefox-snap#53, we are transitioning the Firefox snap from using a mount-control interface for hunspell system dictionaries to using a system-files interface instead, a simpler alternative that per snapd folks should also fix issues like LP#2059195 during installation/upgrade of the Firefox snap. We therefore hereby request approval for auto-connection of the firefox:host-usr-share-hunspell plug of the system-files interface please.

For my preliminary review and testing of the change, I’ve only applied it to the beta and nightly branches – which correspond to higher-risk channels – and I plan to test a few more installation and upgrade scenarios after the approval of the request, before finally applying the change to stable as well.

The Firefox snap has existing approval for auto-connection of firefox:host-hunspell with the mount-control interface, which I hope combined with the fact with this change we’re aiming to move towards a simpler, better, and more streamlined approach would make for a smooth review process. Please do let me know if you require any more details/clarifications for this request, though. :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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+1 from me - this is equivalent to the existing access granted by the host-hunspell plug via mount-control but with better semantics.

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+1 from me for this request too.

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Fast tracking this request with the existing 2 +1 votes. This is now live.

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Apologies - I spoke too soon - I am having trouble updating the snap store declaration so this is not yet live - investigating and will report back soon.

Figured out what the issue was and got it working - all pending firefox builds have now passed the automated review.