Request for auto connection for qdl snap

qdl is command line based low level flash utility to flash devices sporting Qualcomm SoC. As such, it requires to have access to raw-usb. Since flasher requires sudo privileges, it also needs to have home: read: all as device image would be typically stored in user’s home directory.

Reference upstream project:

As reference this is very much equivalent of Install Universal Update Utility - UUU on Linux | Snap Store for Qualcomm silicon.

+1 from me. This tool will be very useful for a range of Qualcomm IoT devices

read: all means you are able to read foreign users home dirs, is that really necessary ?

would you actually use images from a different user than the one calling the command typically ?

@ogra you need to run tool as $ sudo qdl <path to the image> Again Install Universal Update Utility - UUU on Linux | Snap Store is perfect comparison. Tool with identical functionallity, just for NXP SoC.

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Considering the snap functionality access to raw-usb is expected. Also as the tools needs to run as sudo, home: read: all would be needed to access user’s home directory. Thus

+1 for granting qdl snap auto-connection to raw-usband home: read: all interfaces

+1 for the auto-connection of raw-usb and home: read: all given the similarity to uuu and the reasoning described above.

+1 from me for auto-connect home with read:all since this is required to read non-root files. +1 from me as well for auto-connect raw-usb since its clearly required to flash devices and thus for the snap to properly operate.

+4 votes for, 0 votes against. Granting the requested auto-connections. I have vetted the publisher. This is now live.