Request for auto-connect of system-files: kmc-commander-bx and undying-sentinel

Requesting access to auto-connect the system-files interface for our kmc-commander-bx and undying-sentinel snaps. This is being used for access to the /etc/systemd/journald.conf.d/ directory so we can programmatically create a custom journald configuration to tailor the logging storage profile.

I moved this to #store-requests for you

Thanks! Must have forgot to change that.

Hey @bkehler,

Did you upload your snaps to the store? I was trying to inspect them to review the declarations but did not find them.


Hi @emitorino. The undying snap was uploaded but had not been reviewed yet. It should be now and available on latest/edge and show the plug in the capabilities page.

The kmc-commander-bx snap, we had to publish a patch build yesterday that had the system-files plug commented out since the store won’t allow it to be installed with that until the auto-connect is enabled. That seems to have removed it from the declaration page. I just uploaded a new build (rev 176) and released to kmc20/beta that contains it for review.

The brand store took care of this since the snaps are under a private brand store. This can be closed.

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