Request for allow installation for tee interface

Hi Team I have recently publish a test tool (x-test), and this tool need allow installation for tee interface. Could you help me on this? Thank you.

snap link: OpenID transaction in progress


Hi @ChunAn

tee is a super-privileged interface. Could you please explain what is x-test used for and why does it needs access to the trusted execution environment?

Hi Jslarraz This is a tool for testing optee-os function, we also plan to use it on the arm project SRU in the future. IoT Team currently have to put one into every gadget, so we think to make a common one would be better.


In that case, and considering that the snap explicitly includes the word test in its name (which should made its purpose obvious), I would be happy to support your request. Could you please clarify if you need auto-connect or just intallation/connection would be enough for your needs?

Hi Jslarraz I think allow installation would be enough, thank you for your great support.


Then +1 from me to grant x-test snap connect to the tee interface.

Could other @reviewers please vote on this?

+1 from as well for granting manual connect to tee interface


+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting connect of interface tee to snap x-test. I will start publisher vetting now.

I have verified the publisher. This is now live.

Hi Cav Thank you so much

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