Request for allow install of shutdown interface for test-strict-confinement snap

Hi There, I’ll need your help to allow install for the snap “test-strcit-confinement” since it is using shutdown interface. The snap id is “L94XociXLkLMRZRqafss1UzMmlqCBXqW” The original request on support portal is this ticket. Many thanks for the help.

Hi @rick.wu , Could you please give a bit more context regarding the snap, its functionality, and why it needs to have shutdown interface connected? Thanks.

Hi @sahnaseredini, This snap is basically a sidecar snap for Checkbox to test functionality in strict confinement mode. Our plan includes include as many interfaces as possible to perform the functional tests we have in Checkbox. Currently, it supports the following functions:

  • Calling D-Bus commands to shut down or reboot the system
  • Reading and writing to the SD card
  • Setting time and toggling the NTP service via timedatectl Many thanks.

+1 from me - this is a test snap only used for device testing purposes, and it is published by the Devices QA team at Canonical, so the publisher is trusted.

I agree with @alexmurray reasoning.

@rick.wu Do you need auto-connection or just installation + manual connection will be sufficient?


@rick.wu - ping, can you please provide the requested information?