Request for aliases for the Metasploit Framework commands

I’d like to request aliases for The Metasploit Framework tools:- msfconsole, msfbinscan, msfd, msfdb, msfelfscan, msfmachscan, msfpescan, msfrop, msfrpc, msfrpcd, msfvenom, msfupdate. These all are pentetration testing, security auditing and exploit development tools. There are numerous guides online about using the Metasploit Framework, for e.g this guide.

└─# snap info metasploit-framework                                                                  1 ⨯
name:      metasploit-framework
summary:   The Metasploit Framework
publisher:  Jitendra Patro
license:   unset
description: |
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  most important story about your snap. Keep it under 100 words though,
  we live in tweetspace and your description wants to look good in the snap
  - metasploit-framework.msfbinscan
  - metasploit-framework.msfconsole
  - metasploit-framework.msfd
  - metasploit-framework.msfdb
  - metasploit-framework.msfelfscan
  - metasploit-framework.msfmachscan
  - metasploit-framework.msfpescan
  - metasploit-framework.msfrop
  - metasploit-framework.msfrpc
  - metasploit-framework.msfrpcd
  - metasploit-framework.msfvenom
  - metasploit-framework.msfupdate
refresh-date: today at 00:13 IST
installed:    0.1 (x1) 326MB devmode

The Metasploit Framework is released under a 3-clause BSD-style license. See COPYING for more details.

Also, just so you know I’ve reserved all those above commands. :slight_smile:


There are no revisions of this snap published to the store at this stage, so I will wait until there is at least one revision of the snap to inspect before reviewing this request.

I’ll look into it asap. In the meantime, can you take a look at the other topic I created two days ago. I haven’t received any solution for that.

Just a reminder bump.

Bump. :slight_smile:

+1 from me for these aliases - they do not conflict with other packages (other than the upstream metasploit packages themselves) and are well known commands used in project.

+1 from me as well to grant msfconsole, msfbinscan, msfd, msfdb, msfelfscan, msfmachscan, msfpescan, msfrop, msfrpc, msfrpcd, msfvenom, msfupdate auto-aliases to metasploit-framework since those are clearly well known commands related to the metasploit framework.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, Granting the requested auto-aliases. This is now live.

Thanks @alexmurray @emitorino The aliases are available now. :slight_smile:

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