Request for alias: noted -> nimblenote

Hello, could I please request that noted become an alias for nimblenote. Both snap names are registered under my user, and the two names have come about because I had to rename the app name from noted -> nimblenote.

Unfortunately it is not possible for snaps to alias one-another - instead snap aliases allow a command name in a single snap to be aliased to a different name - so this is not what you are looking for.

Instead probably the best option is to publish a version of noted that alerts users to the fact that they instead need to install nimblenote or similar.

Thanks, Alex. I’ve already done that - though it still appears as though there are a couple of hundred weekly active users from the metrics. Either I guess people don’t want to migrate, or rather they haven’t uninstalled noted and it still remains on their systems. I guess that’s no big problem.